Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Thrive Diet

Everyone's always talking about how athletes need protein - animal protein - but Brendan Brazier sets the record straight in his new book The Thrive Diet. The almost-raw, totally vegan Olympic Triathlete lays out a comprehensive guide to achieving a top level of health, including what to eat before and after each type of workout, a 12-week plan, and hundreds of delicious, animal-free recipes. If you're a healthy, athletic person who wants to take diet and fitness to the next level, this will be your bible. Check it out in Barnes and Noble or our fave raw cafe Pure Food and Juice Takeaway and let us know what you think! If Brendan's testimony isn't enough for you, our friend and raw chef Cosmo Meens fed the men's Canadian Olympic Triathlon team in Beijing this summer. Learn more about it in this Vancouver Sun article.

The Thrive Diet, by Brendan Brazier
But it on Amazon for $22.94