Saturday, September 6, 2008

Jill Pettijohn's Nutritional Cleanse: 5 Day Journey

Since Chloe already gave you most of the finer details (below) of what you get in this beautifully fresh raw juice & soup cleanse, I will simply share my experience. First, let me just say, Jill's Cafe rocks! It's a gem with the most delicious meals, snacks & treats a girl can ask for. In fact I recently had them cater my birthday in August & everyone was blown away as they devoured healthy delights and decadent deserts...a highly recommended way to start off a new year while inspiring your guests with mouth watering health!

The 5 Day Cleanse:
I went for the five day nutritional cleanse. You get six a day (fresh juice, blended soups, & nut milk) which definitely leaves you satiated until it was time for the next. It was a great feeling to have this bounty of colorful bottles for the day & a relief not to think about what I had to drink next. I'm a big label reader so I appreciated having all the ingredients clearly written making the experience insightful. I was able to identify which beverages worked best for my body & which ones didn't agree. My favorites were the deliciously refreshing morning Green Juice & Lemonades. And the final nut milk was a treat - something to look forward to at the end of the day. There were a few soups however that either felt too complex or didn't have the most pleasing taste. I would have preferred an extra fresh juice & one less soup per day.

Overall the cleanse was a great experience. I felt nourished, lighter (mentally & physically), & re-inspired to make more of my own live food & juices. Most importantly my energy levels were good, allowing me to keep up with my busy teaching schedule. I did have some food cravings (this went through waves), so walking into the cafe to pick up my juices while salivating over the array of dishes behind the glass was a challenge! At any rate it's always a good thing to simplify our habits around consumption. Jill's Cleanse gave me more space to do, feel, & think about other things while being highly nourished.

Tip: Get a colonic at the beginning and end of a cleanse. It's essential to reap the full benefits & you really feel the difference!

Jill Pettijohn's Nutritional Cleanse
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